Monday, September 7, 2009

The Chosen Teacup

This is the Chosen Teacup.It has pride of place amongst my many,many teacups.I give this one to myself when setting places for a Tea.I steer people away from this teacup if they appear to want to choose it for their tea.I love this teacup and I have difficulty sharing it with anyone.Tea tastes better in this cup .It has its own portrait which Emma painted as it is the Chosen Teacup.

If you come to my house and stay for tea I will say," choose a cup", but I mean choose any cup ,just not this one.


  1. My dearest South African Queen! I love your blog! It is beautiful and I love this Tea Cup! It is so feminine and inviting!! I'll be over to have that cup of tea myself:))

    Royal wishes,

  2. That would be wonderful,I will have to bake something and use my Nigella measuring spoons!

  3. ZOMG I <3 THIS CUP.

    It's my favourite. And yes, I painted its portrait.

    Mom. You must see my blog. It's the shizniz. I will help you with yours soonish - I'm not quite sure how I actually managed to do what I did -but it worked! I'll add you to friends/followers now. Muahahaha.