Thursday, October 21, 2010

Queen of Cakes

Last Monday evening I spent 3 hours at the home of an extraordinary girl . Roxanne Floquet ,in her sugar pink chef's jacket,  showed us how to make the most delicate,dainty and simply beautiful sugar roses. Her wedding cakes are works of art and the sugar piped cookies and petit fours would have made Marie weep with delight !

I rolled and smoothed the little icing petals of my pink rose ,managing to secure it to the icing cone ,slowly building ,petal by petal ,my first attempt !It would take me years to even come close to the perfect ,sweet creations that decorate Roxanne's cakes .I am in awe !!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Sometimes one comes across something one just has to share.I found these delightful images by a photographer I love.Her name is Polly Wreford .I love old teacups and Polly has captured a number of delightful cups filled with the daintiest of blooms.Joyful and inspiring !