Friday, September 11, 2009

Little Red Shoes

I bought this book because I had little red shoes just like the ones on the cover.I also bought this book as I am a serial cook book buyer.Tessa Kiros " Apples for Jam" is now my all time favourite family cookery book.I was thrilled to discover she grew up in South Africa and I regulary make her Tomato sauce for pasta, fish pie, and because we do not eat red meat,have adapted her Lamb and Green bean stew ,using Ostrich.I also make the Bolognese sauce substituting the beef mince with ostrich !

Recently we had dinner with friends and met a couple who had just arrived in Cape Town after living in London.I got chatting to Mr M and the subject turned to cooking.Of course I mention my favourite Cookbook and Tessa Kiros and he says,..."Tessa ...I have known her for years,she grew up with me in Johannesburg".He went on to say he would call her and tell her she has a fan in Cape Town and promised that if she visits SA ,I will meet her. I am tickled pink! I am waiting Tessa !!

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Chosen Teacup

This is the Chosen Teacup.It has pride of place amongst my many,many teacups.I give this one to myself when setting places for a Tea.I steer people away from this teacup if they appear to want to choose it for their tea.I love this teacup and I have difficulty sharing it with anyone.Tea tastes better in this cup .It has its own portrait which Emma painted as it is the Chosen Teacup.

If you come to my house and stay for tea I will say," choose a cup", but I mean choose any cup ,just not this one.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mom .....

How blessed I am to have my Mom in my life. This past week she celebrated her 80th Birthday.She is so well,has such a positive attitude to life and remains independent and mobile.How blessed I was to have her here when my children were tiny and Nanna was the only other caregiver.Her sense of humour never fails her and unconditional love is all I have ever known from her.Happy Birthday Mom!