Saturday, August 29, 2009

I also wish..the last word

i also wish to disappear

as clouds blown over mountains do

and so dissolve and spread myself

as silent music mist and dew

those who accuse me bleat and bray

repent and cry and clutch those killed

while those who sing the astral sky

embrace in tone their life fulfilled

soft friends the moon and children laugh

among voices i would miss

to pass on through the sounds of psalms

and rhyme my breath into your bliss

release me from my absonance

for this I whisper daily praise

that when i've said my peace with love

let wind and angels guide my ways

Mordechai Brodie

At Home

I have lived in this house for 16 years.Alan and I found this house when Emma was almost two and when we looked at it two chameleons crept over the lawn and climbed the trellis which has Honeysuckle on it now.I knew we had to live here and Alan said ," I am never leaving this house". He is still here.He is in the creak of the wooden floorboards, he is in the scent of the jasmine which twirls over the trellis. I know he is watching us from high up in the branches of the White Stinkwood tree he loved.I hear him laugh when I wake up in the middle of the night after a heavy downpour and the gutters have overflowed.I can't leave this house.He is here.

I have Mr B now and he loves this house too,he understands about Alan.He understands I love this house.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tea and Treasures with Nicola

Last Saturday I packed my little cream Mini Cooper with all my treasures and drove to Stellenbosch. Nicola had invited me to come to her tea room in Morkel Street and show off my jewels.She would tempt people to come with offers of soft pink macaroons, red velvet cake, lemon cupcakes,marshmallow cupcakes and cucumber sandwiches. Her tea room is a delight, overflowing with chintzy teacups and polka dot teapots, velvet cushions and tea cup printed tablecloths.Nicola herself is as sweet as the icing on all the fairy cakes. She is the dearest person and her positive energy and enthusiasm draws her clients through the glass doors and into La Fete.

I hung my handmade trinkets over teacups and cakestands and the girls chatted ,sampled the towers of treats and tried on earrings.

Thank you Nicola !