Sunday, January 24, 2010

This should be my cat..

I have two cats, both shown here on this blog.I love my two cats,but have found a picture of a cat that should be mine.My blog is called My Hearts Content, my website is called ,my etsy shop is called hearts,hearts ,hearts I love all things 'heartish'.So,as you will see this cat is perfect.It is the Hearts Content Cat should be mine !


  1. Yes, yes, this beautiful cat should be yours! After our summer holiday, we're going to get a shelter cat. I'm excited at the thought. (Our beloved crossed the bridge two years ago...)

  2. This cat looks very much like my son's. HER name is Otis, so I sing "Miss Otis Regrets" to her from time to time. Your cat, My Heart's Content Cat, will find her way to your door... and she will fit in perfectly with your family!

  3. I wonder how many cats have a heart on their noses like this one?