Thursday, December 24, 2009

More fun...

Just to share my Baking for the festive season...all my Swiss great grandmother's recipes!

Not sure of the correct spelling,but I made Tzimsterre (cinnamon stars) Meilanderli, ( lemon and vanilla) Pfeffernusse ( soft gingerbread) .....given to friends and neighbors and my family !


  1. OMG, I Know those gingerbread cookies...too delicious for words...there's a small shop here where one can buy them...I don't go in too often...sigh!

  2. Pity I am not nearer as you could have just popped in for tea and pfeffernusse Kittie !! xx

  3. I Absolutley adore tzimsterre, and always have them in Switzerland.Ans I absolutely adore your blog. Would be lovely to meet for a cuppa on day. xxx