Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bunny love

Sometimes in my wanderings around this never ending internet of images one or two will just appeal.These bunny girls do.They are not the bunny girls ol' Hugh would like .But I love them.They remind me of dressing up with my friend Hilary.Hilary did ballet and I was in awe of her ballet pumps and frothy tulle tutus.

I wanted to do ballet .I begged to be able to take ballet lessons .But, my Dad in his Banker's wisdom decided that ballet was not going to be a secure career choice and therefore ballet lessons were not on the cards.

So Hilary became my ballet teacher.We practised at her house ,or mine.Then performed 'concerts' .My mother would have to watch as we danced out from behind our blue velvet lounge curtains, draped in one of her old petticoats ! She always clapped and made a huge fuss of the flurry of fat little legs and breathless twirls.

Hilary presented me with a pair of red ballet shoes ,and said I could keep them.I was beyond thrilled .Sadly ,Hilary moved away and my 'ballet lessons' ended. But the love of dancing never did .So bunnies in ballet gowns and little girl dreams .........
The beautiful image is by Zeng.


  1. Red ballet shoes...ohhhh, fabulous...I love read shoes, ballet just makes it better...and you live in one of the most beautiful countries in the husband and I drove and drove and it was like driving thru a postcard...thanks for sharing your memories...

  2. Dear Kittie
    How wonderful you loved South Africa!
    Thank you