Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tea and Treasures with Nicola

Last Saturday I packed my little cream Mini Cooper with all my treasures and drove to Stellenbosch. Nicola had invited me to come to her tea room in Morkel Street and show off my jewels.She would tempt people to come with offers of soft pink macaroons, red velvet cake, lemon cupcakes,marshmallow cupcakes and cucumber sandwiches. Her tea room is a delight, overflowing with chintzy teacups and polka dot teapots, velvet cushions and tea cup printed tablecloths.Nicola herself is as sweet as the icing on all the fairy cakes. She is the dearest person and her positive energy and enthusiasm draws her clients through the glass doors and into La Fete.

I hung my handmade trinkets over teacups and cakestands and the girls chatted ,sampled the towers of treats and tried on earrings.

Thank you Nicola !

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  1. I just want to go play too! Dreamy treats and gorgeous jewelry, what a fun day:)) great pictures Les!

    Royal hugs my South African sister!